Welcome to Jelly GoNuts – a website devoted to living your life so that you can discover new things, let go and Go Nuts.

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“Jelly GoNuts” was created after an incredible adventure that allowed us the opportunity to live in and explore Central America for 6 months. We had quit our corporate jobs, rented out our newly purchased home in Boulder and helped some random guy open a restaurant and hotel in La Ceiba. (read the story) We eventually returned to the States with lots of stories and needed a place to put them all – so we started a blog called “Jelly GoNuts”.

Over the years, Jason and Kelly have continued to travel around the country. They have developed many projects based on their passions and skills; and they have used Jelly GoNuts as a platform for sharing their favorite stories, recipes and travel tips.

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Our Projects

We are currently focusing our energy on two of our passions:  Music and Marketing 

Festy GoNuts

Festy GoNuts is an online music festival magazine devoted to all things festy – the Music, the Culture and the Adventure. 


Go Nuts Marketing

It’s high-time you found a marketing company on which you can trust and depend. Let’s make your business Go Nuts!