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Music • Travel • Food • & Fun! We find inspiration wherever we are, and we put that inspiration into exciting, ongoing projects!
Festy GoNuts!

We are sharing our love of music festivals in our new site – FestyGoNuts.com! Festy GoNuts is the ultimate resource for enhancing your music festival experience. Music, Culture, Adventure!


We’ve taken our favorite recipes and paired them with some of our favorite beats, and made them both available for you here on Reci-Beats.


We’ve got an opinion on just about everything. We can even tell you how we feel about blogs, in general, if you’d like.

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Check out the cool shirts and things we’ve made. All are high quality, and easy to order. And fun.

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Jelly GoNuts is a marketing machine ready to help your company shine.
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Meet Jelly

In order to make Jelly, you need Jason and Kelly.

Music • Travel • Food • & Fun!

"Jelly GoNuts" was created after an incredible adventure that allowed us the opportunity to live in and explore Central America for 6 months. We had quit our corporate jobs, rented out our newly purchased home in Boulder and helped some random guy open a restaurant and hotel in La Ceiba. (read the story) We eventually returned to the States with lots of stories and needed a place to put them all - so we started a blog called "Jelly GoNuts".

Over the years, we have developed Jelly GoNuts into a uniquely positioned marketing team - we are a company that continues to travel while we work, digging roots into the Earth everywhere we go instead of staying in one single location for the rest of our lives.

Our travels bring us more creativity and more connections, and allows our marketing endeavors to continually develop. We do not maintain a single focus - the world is much too big for that. However, we do tend to focus on our passions - Music, Travel, Food and ultimately - Fun.

Kelly Day Law
Kelly Day Law
Kelly is the brains of the operation, and has recently learned to whistle.
Jason Law
Jason Law
Clearly the looks of the operation, Jason also recently learned to whistle to prove he is more than just eye candy.

Stay tuned - there's plenty more to come!