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Hey there! We're currently traveling throughout Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.  We're going light, so that means no laptop, which means we won't be updating Jelly GoNuts until we get back to the states.  We will be posting pictures and updates on Facebook, so follow us here to see where we are Going Nuts!     kd4   kd2 kd1 kd3

Things to do in Seattle


SeattleHey Sea-Town!  You’re not so bad when the sun comes out.  And the surrounding areas offer a ton of diversions to keep the wet spirits up.  There’s also a ton of indoor activities as well, so grab a raincoat and get out and explore!       Seattle Area Activities   Seattle Center Originally built for the 1964 World’s Fair, The Seattle Center is one of the biggest tourist locations in the city.  It may be trendy, but don’t skip it -it’s popular for a reason.  This is where the famed Space Needle is, and if you want, you can pay a lot for a quick ride to the top.  You can also stand below it and take a picture for free. There's actually a ton to check out while you are there:

Seattle. Wet and Dreary Fun!


  Read our Things to Do in Seattle Blog!! 2013-08-29 11.27.48 Welcome to Seattle!  Everything you’ve heard about the weather here in Sea-town?  True.  For the most part.  We arrived for our 2 month stay in the largest city in the Pacific Northwest in torrential downpours heavy enough to stop traffic on I-5.  Since we were here for work, and going to be outside all weekend, this was a concern!  Luckily, the rains subsided, and our first weekend here was beautiful.  We spent it working at Bumbershoot, North America’s largest arts and music festival, held right at the Seattle Center. The weather, we were told, was a fluke.  It never rains in Seattle, everyone said.  Sure, it’s usually a little misty and damp, but not heavy rain.  No!  Yeah, right.  Trust me, it Continue reading the story "Seattle. Wet and Dreary Fun!"

The 2013 Grammy Awards


We find ourselves in the thick of award season, my favorite time of year.  A time when we can all finally say goodbye to Football and get back to what is important -paying tribute to a bunch of talentless freaks while they take turns patting one another on their flamingo adorned shoulders and blowing smoke up each others bleached asses.
LL Cool J -Grammys 2013

LL Cool J, dressed for his try-out to be a horse and buggy driver.

  I was pleased to see that LL Cool J was hosting once again, as the "drink every time LL licks his lips" game was such a hit last year.    LL was quick to mention the two Grammys that he won, back when he was relevant.  I think he Continue reading the story "The 2013 Grammy Awards"

Things To Do in Nashville, TN


Things to do in Nashville, TN:

 It's not just for country fans!  Nashville, TN has a huge variety of fun activities to do  -  day and night.          

1)    Visit Opryland Hotel: Visit during the day and enjoy beautiful walks around the gardens and waterfalls, or swing by in the evening to indulge in dinner and cocktails at one of the many restaurants.  Findley’s Irish Pub is a fun social bar that has music most evenings, but you should be sure to check out the variety of upscale restaurants in the Cascadia section of the hotel.  Dancing fountains and sky-high waterfalls create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere sure to enhance any meal. (If you want to save the $20, park at Opry Mills and walk the short distance to the hotel!)

Continue reading the story "Things To Do in Nashville, TN"

Things to Do in St Louis

St. Louis, MO

Hey St. Louis - SURPRISE! You are actually a pretty fun town to visit. If you are ever in the St Louis area and wondering, “What the heck am I supposed to do in this strange city?” - you may be surprised to find that there are actually a lot of quirky things to check out. 

 The City Museum If you are a fan of slides, rope swings and large collections of doorknobs, then this is a not-to-be missed adventure. Ride a rooftop ferris wheel and then take the 10-story sliding board down to the underground caves. Climb staircases that take you up to the pinnacle of the ceiling above a rope swing that will have you flying around in a huge circle.  Check out their schedule, because they do have a bar where you can enjoy a cocktail on Continue reading the story "Things to Do in St Louis"

Baños, Ecuador: A Magical Mountainous Escape

Top of stairs

Baños, Ecuador

Baños is a colorful town situated at the base of Volcano Tungurahua. Thousands of tourists flock here on the weekends to enjoy the crisp, cool climate and soak in the thermal baths. Often called the “Gateway of the Amazon”, the town is surrounded by lush hillsides that provide a beautiful background wherever you turn.


  IMG_5621 If you are looking for adventure on your trip to Ecuador, this town is sure to please. The streets are lined with numerous tour companies, prepared to take you white water rafting, rent you a mountain bike or daringly toss you off the side of the San Francisco bridge on a bungee cord.  An abundance of hiking trails surround the town.  Get your workout by hiking over 700 stairs to reach the Virgin del Agua Continue reading the story "Baños, Ecuador: A Magical Mountainous Escape"

Radish Slaw

Radish Slaw in Roasted Mini-Squash I recently discovered the wonders of radishes while visiting a friend who served up a bowl of them raw to just munch on as a pre-dinner snack. I had tasted them as a garnish on a salad, but didn’t understand that these crunchy little bites pack quite the zesty punch. So, of course, the next time I was in a grocery store and saw a bunch of local radishes on sale for only 50cents, I had to pick some up to try out. Tonight’s dinner was yet another random occurrence out of whatever was left in the refrigerator. Add to that list of ingredients some radishes, baby carrots and fresh green beans, and I created a tasty little side dish I like to call “Radish Slaw”. This was just enough for two people, so feel free to alter the recipe to make more as needed. There is no science to this recipe Continue reading the story "Radish Slaw"

Fire Island: A gem off the coast of Long Island?

fire-island My husband and I have recently began working a new job that entails traveling around parts of the East Coast for a promotional company. We work events for 5 days a week, but we have time to rest every Monday and Tuesday. Because of our insanely difficult workday, we choose to live-it-up on our two days off; and, we are constantly seeking out unique places that allow us the opportunity to really relax. Our one workweek ended on Long Island, New York, so we did a little research and discovered a place called “Fire Island”. The fact that you cannot drive on the island was the first major attraction to us. Since we are driving from parking lot to parking lot to set up our promotions during the week, this seemed like a great way to get a change of pace. You arrive to Fire Island by ferry from Long Island. There Continue reading the story "Fire Island: A gem off the coast of Long Island?"

The Future


back-to-the-future-hoax OK, so maybe you have seen this image traveling around the inter-nets of late, or perhaps you have seen a different date, no matter.  The internet circulations are inaccurate hoaxes, as the actual date entered into the DeLorean was October 21, 2015.  Why does this matter?  It doesn't.  2015 or 2012, when referring to it from 1985 it is all still the future. The Future. It is now.  Well, if you grew up in the 80's, at least, the future is now.  Here is the land from which Alf and Howard the Duck where conceived.  Small Wonder?  Yeah, this is her time.   I even think Mork may have passed through here on his way to Boulder. So how do we fare, here in The Future? Is it living up to the hype? I think not. My future was supposed to have jet packs and flying skateboards.  Teleportation and vis-a-phones.  Food pills and robots. Jet packs have been attempted Continue reading the story "The Future"