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Going nuts

Here are a few of the projects we're going nuts on...

We’ve taken our favorite recipes and paired them with some of our favorite beats, and made them both available for you here on Reci-Beats.

Festy GoNuts!

COMING SOON … We are sharing our love of music festivals in our new site – FestyGoNuts.com! We\’ve got your heady grilled cheese!


We’ve got an opinion on just about everything. We can even tell you how we feel about blogs, in general, if you’d like.

GoNuts Stuff

Check out the cool shirts and things we’ve made. All are high quality, and easy to order. And fun.

Jelly for Hire

Here are some of the ways you can put Jelly GoNuts to work for you!
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Meet Jelly

In order to make Jelly, you need Jason and Kelly.
Kelly Day Law
Kelly is the brains of the operation, and has recently learned to whistle.
Jason Law
Clearly the looks of the operation, Jason also recently learned to whistle to prove he is more than just eye candy.

Stay tuned - there's plenty more to come!

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